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  • Strength 9
  • Dexterity 7
  • Constitution 8
  • Intelligence 6
  • Willpower 7
Berserker is the class that used a two-hands sword, armed with Heavy Armor. Berserker used a close combat skill to fight with an enemy and deal AOE damages. If their health is near to death, their damage will rise because they are berserk.
Hundreds of species of deadly beasts await you to capture and collect them! Familiar is the Best feature of Icarus Online. Adventure across the regions and capturing mythical beasts, from fire-breathing dragons to fantasy warhorses, which can be used as ground mounts, flying mounts. More than being a mount, the Familiar can help you in combat on land and in the air and discover a world of wonders and danger.
There're more than 20 dungeons in Icarus available for everyone, whether a dungeon that can be entered when reaching a certain level, event dungeon for festival, and special dungeon like a 20th floor tower climb. And of course, the main goal is to defeat boss in the dungeon with different difficulty. And for the rewards received from various dungeons, there will be EXP, Recovery potions, coins for exchanging special items, high-class taming, Legendary item crafting material and Ellun which can be used to purchase in-game items. And for sure, the more difficult the dungeon is, the more rewards you get.

An extra large bosses that are full of difficulties to defeat. In which some types of bosses are in the water which requires players to fly to the air and attack and also requires skills and number of players to defeat each boss as well. For the rewards, it will include Legendary weapon of mount, highest rank badge, pet upgrade materials and much more. Moreover, these reward items can be obtained from these bosses only. So, it's recommended to team up as many as possible to defeat them.
The Boss of Icarus Online is very challenging that needs a hundred players to fight. There will be more than 20 Boss Monsters in the game, each of which has a unique ability to attack. They will not stand still and just wait for you to attack them. Which if a player is able to conquer a boss monster, There will be the opportunity to get weapons and high-level armor Including special items that can be collected to create legendary items as well.
A duel or one-on-one battle that allows players with level 28 and above to compete with each other. In which, this system located in Exarahn Badland map which is a map for PVP only. After entering this area, you can fight against anyone who is not in the same party, same Guild, or Alliance. Fighting in this area are never wasted as there's a chance to get Exarahn Coin which can be used to exchanged with Elite items such as weapons, armor, pet items, potions, and Seal Stone.

A fight between guilds that allows one alliance to fight with another alliance on a designed map. This war costs only 10 Gold and if other alliance accepts the war invitation, the battle will begin. There is no time limit for this war, only the number of cumulative kills will be counted. Any alliance that defeats enemies for 500 times first will win and receive special buff "War Hero" for 1 day.
A battle for Manastone. Just reach level 30 and belonging to Guild or Militia, then you will be able to join this battle. The goal of this battle is to occupy Manastone , which will be spawned during the event period, and send it to designed NPC. The only one who brought this item to NPC will get a large mount that can hold up to 10 passengers. For alliance who helps to win the battle will also get other rewards. Therefore, solo playing is not enough to achieve this mission because a lot of supporters are needed.
A guild system that is more than just a meeting place. By starting a guild, you can recruit up to 40 guild members and expand the guild level to get more members. Moreover, higher guild level also benefits all guild members because everyone will receive buffs which will increase Health, Mana, Moving speed, and Drop rate. The higher guild level, the better buffs is given. About the war, you can battle with other guilds in various system such as Alliance War and Manastone Battle. These system give great rewards to the best guild.